IIPS is committed to provide assessment and certification services to the students enabling them to excel in the fields of working opticians, Diploma optometry / Vision technician, to cater to the changing and challenging needs of society through the following initiatives:

  • Maintaining lead time for the certification
  • Maintaining accuracy of the assessments
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Implementing impartiality in all areas of operation
  • Handling complaints and appeals with systematic approach
  • Increasing number of skill tests.
  • Ensuring continual improvement of Management System

Policy No : P-1

Approved by : Academics Director

Rev 0


Indian Institute of paramedical sciences is responsible for skill certification activities for working Opticians.

We fully understand the importance of impartiality in undertaking its certification activities. IIPS is therefore committed to ensure that in all its dealings with applicants, candidates and certified persons are and will remain impartial. To ensure that impartiality is both maintained and demonstrated the following principals have been established.

  • Ensure that procedures for skill assessments are fair, non-discriminatory and treated as such.
  • Continuously identifying threats to its impartiality, arising from its activities, relationships and relationships of its staff.
  •  Analyses, evaluate threat, monitor and document the identified threats, and demonstrate how to minimize or eliminate such threats to the impartiality.
  • Provide internal and external staff the knowledge required to operate in accordance with impartiality and ask its staff to promptly inform any situation that may constitute a conflict of interest.
  • Do not allow commercial, financial and other pressures to compromise impartiality of IIPS activities.
  • Do not provide required conformity assessment services, if unacceptable threats arise.
  • Take action to respond to any threats to impartiality arising from actions of other persons, bodies or organization.
  • Provide mechanism to safeguard the impartiality of IIPS which ensures a balanced representation to relevant interested parties, without prevalence of individual interests.

Policy No : P-2

Approved by : Academics Director

Rev 0


Indian institute of paramedical sciences is committed to protecting our applicant’s, candidates and certified person’s personal information by keeping it confidential. This policy explains our practices for collecting, using and disclosing personal information during certification process. we ensure that such information is properly managed by following measures.

As IIPS has taken measures like separate management, management teams, separate personnel with NDA’s signed and Policies in place and thus addressed the threat of breach of confidentiality due to activities of related bodies.

IIPS and Client does not access to each other database, Employees, systems and other related documents & Functions

  • Non-disclosure agreements with all personnel.
  • Information requested by sources other than applicant, candidate or certified person is not disclosed to an unauthorized party, except where the law requires such information to be disclosed.
  • Corrective action measures to be taken when security breaches occur.
  • Implementing procedure to ensure the security of examination material.
  • Preventing fraudulent examination practices by verifying identity of candidate and signing an agreement with candidate.
  • Providing examiner or invigilator during examination process.
  • Implementing procedures for preventing unauthorized aids being brought and from gaining access for the same to the candidate.
  • Monitoring examination results for indications of cheating.

Policy No : P-3

Approved by : Academics Director

Rev 0



A Certificate may be suspended by IIPS for a limited period in cases such as the following:

  • If a case of misuse of the Certificate, is not corrected by suitable retractions or other appropriate remedial measures by the Certificate holder;
  • The client requests for suspension.

IIPS will confirm in writing to the Certificate holder the possibility of suspension of a Certificate. If the reasons for suspension are not eliminated within the specified time, IIPS shall notify the certificate holder of suspension in writing. At the same time, IIPS shall indicate under which conditions the suspension will be removed. At the end of the suspension period, an investigation will be carried out to determine whether the indicated conditions for reinstating the Certificate have been fulfilled.

  • Under suspension the certification is temporarily invalid.


IIPS may withdraw a Certification and recall the Certificate for any of the following reasons:

  • If failure to resolve issues that have not been satisfactorily complied with.
  • When the conditions for suspension have not been removed within the specified time period,
  • When formally requested by the Certified person,
  • If certification period has ended and the certified person has not renewed the certification (if applicable)
  • Any certificate withdrawn is treated as a fresh applicant.


IIPS shall reduce the certified person’s scope of certification to exclude the parts not meeting the requirements, where the certified person persistently or seriously fails to meet the certification for those parts of the scope of certification.The certified person may also request for reduction of scope due to changes in the scope of services and/or the changes in government and regulatory policies.

The decision to reduce the scope shall be communicated in writing.

IIPS will withdraw the certification documents for the original certification and issue new documents for the reduced scope with the same validity as previous certificate.

Policy No : P-4

Approved by : Academics Director

Rev 0

Complaint and Appeal Handling Policy

Purpose :

To establish the structure and assign responsibility for management of Complaints and Appeals made by candidates and certified person in order to promote the timely and fair resolution of issues.

Scope :

This policy applies to all candidates and certified persons of IIPS, or their Authorised Representative, who wish to make a Complaint or lodge an Appeal about a matter which occurred during the certification process and which falls within the responsibility or control of the IIPS.

Exclusions :


Policy Statement :

We at Indian institute of paramedical sciences are committed to implement complaint handling and appeals process, we will ensure that all the appeals and complaints are processed in constructive, impartial and timely manner, it will also satisfy the following requirements:

  • A process is in place for receiving, validating and investigating a formal complaint or appeal by creating form to decide what actions to be taken in response to it, taking into account the results of previous similar appeals and complaints.
  • The complainant or appellant is given an acknowledgement receipt,progress report and statement of the outcome, including details of the reasons for the outcome;
  • The process commences within 10 working days of the formal lodgement of the complaint or appeal and supporting information and all reasonable measures are taken to finalise the process as soon as practicable.
  • The complaint and Appeal handling procedure is publicly accessible.

Principles :

  • IIPS will be transparent and accountable in relation to complaints and appeals by ensuring information about the procedure is widely available and by informing stakeholders about feedback received and actions taken to improve services resulting from analysis of feedback.
  • At any point a complaint may be withdrawn by the complainant.
  • IIPS will ensure appropriate training for staff involved in the complaints and appeal management process. This will be provided during staff orientation, as part of the company’s professional development strategy for its staff and at least during an annual refresher session.
  • IIPS will collect data and maintain records of complaints and appeals received and their outcomes. These will be analysed by Management as a standard agenda item at Management Review Meetings

This policy and procedure is available to all staff on in handbook, and all staff are trained in the application of the policy and procedures. This policy and procedure will also be made available to all applicants’ andcandidates on IIPS websiteand addressed during any orientation program.

Policy No : P-5

Approved by : Academics Director

Rev 1


This policy governs and lays out the procedure of recertification of a certified candidate at defined interval. This policy covers recertification requirement, certificate of re-certification (format) and relevant changes in scheme document.

  • The purpose of re-certification is to make sure that candidates continuously update their skill and knowledge and remain current and thus maintain the sanctity of certification
  • The certification provided by IIPS has validity of 5 years from the date of issue.
  • Before end of the validity of certification the candidate must get himself/herself re-certified to maintain the active status of the certification.
  • Candidates can get re-certified within 6 months of the end of validity of certification. It is the responsibility of the candidate to apply for re-certification.
  • Candidates must apply for recertification via the application form made available at IIPS office or its website by paying re-certification charges as applicable.

Procedure/Evaluation criteria for re-certification :

  1. Candidates shall attend at least 3 exhibitions or seminars (training programmes, product training etc.)
  2. Candidate shall give self-declaration that he/ she has fulfilled the requirements as mentioned above.
  3. Candidates shall appear for the Skill Examination of 100 marks as a part of the re-certification requirement

Candidates must submit the proof of attendance of exhibition and seminars (registration receipt or attendance certificate if applicable etc.)

Implications of not getting re-certified:

  1. Certificate suspension process will be initiated within 3 months of expiry of validity date.
  2. If a candidate fails to get re-certified in the given period, the certification will be suspended.

Note: Relevant changes have been made in the respective clauses of schemes, recertification, withdrawal and suspension and status of certification

Policy No : P-6

Approved by : Academics Director

Rev 0