Certified Dispensing Optician

Scheme Name :

Certified Dispensing Optician may also be called as Vision assistant/vision technician

Scope :

This scheme is defined for Assessing the existing skill sets under recognition of prior skill for currently working Ophthalmic or dispensing opticians may also be called “vision assistant/vision technician”.

Job Role :

  1. To perform primary vision testing with the use of mechanical devices and procedures as Auto-refractometer, retinoscopy etc. in order to find out refractive error and provide suitable optical correction in form of spectacles, powered ophthalmic lenses etc.
  2. Dispense the best fitting frame to the customer keeping in mind the customer needs and occupational requirements.
  3. Verify customer’s spectacles power given by others and dispense the glass according to the final prescription
  4. To make or repair spectacles
  5. To make, to fit ophthalmic lenses in spectacle frames
  6. To help client to choose right frame, ophthalmic lenses, lenses. Also can explain technical features of lenses
  7. Must refer client to ophthalmologist in case of any eye pathologies, un-improving vision with pinhole and un-improving vision after full correction of refractive error, any other condition that cannot be addressed by optical correction
  8. Participate in government programmers of eradication of blindness and to create eye health awareness among general public
  9. Handle each customer in a different way according to the queries raised by the customer.

Boundaries\Limitations :

  1. Should not prescribe and use ANY type of medication or perform any surgical or invasive procedure.
  2. Shall not put Dr. or Doctor or Optometrist in front of the name on the basis of this Certification.
  3. Shall not diagnose & counsel to client, about any ophthalmic or medical condition but only regarding Optical corrections and refractive Errors.

Required Competency :

  1. Currently working as Optician and who having experience of 1 to 2 years in Optical Field.
  2. To have the experience of Basic Eye testing for the purpose of making spectacles, lenses etc. and identifying and correcting errors of refraction.
  3. Scientific dispensing of visual aids according to prescription and patient requirement.
  4. Prepare and interpret spectacle prescription independently
  5. Accurate measurements of frame, lenses, inter pupillary distance, facial measurements, centration and decentration of lenses.
  6. Proficiency in structure of an eye and optics terminology in order to counsel the patient properly
  7. Selection and measurement of frames according to principles of occupational and cosmetic dispensing.
  8. Proficiency in dispensing progressive and other technically advanced lenses.
  9. Identification of cases for referral to optometrist and ophthalmologist.

Abilities :

  1. Physical capabilities such as Vision & Hearing is must
  2. Ability to communicate information verbally and visually.
  3. Ability to read and write
  4. Ability to make reasonable decision in a timely manner
  5. Ability to handle each instrument in proper manner
  6. Strong communication skill
  7. Attentiveness
  8. Ability to analyze and decide within the scope of his\her work.

Pre-requisites :

  1. As a recognition of existing/ prior skills; no formal education is required or Min 5th and above
  2. 1 to 2 years’ experience in Optical Shop is must
  3. Experience in optical Industry
  4. Experience of using lensometer, Auto-refractometer, retinoscopy, trial case, trial frames, Vision drum and repairing equipment.

Code of Conduct :

  1. Exercise your professional judgment and use your professional skills to the best of your ability
  2. Respect and protect confidential information.
  3. Should not prescribe and use ANY type of medication or perform any surgical or invasive procedure.
  4. Shall not put Dr. or Doctor or Optometrist in front of the name on the basis of this Certification.
  5. Shall not diagnose & counsel to client, about any ophthalmic or medical condition but only regarding Optical corrections and refractive Errors.
  6. In case of Malpractice or change in capabilities with regards of scope of this certificate, immediately inform to the certifying body without delay.

Documents will be verified by IIPS :

  1. Two passport size photographs
  2. Last Qualification Documents
  3. Aadhar Card
  4. Experience Letter
  5. Student solved Assignments

Documents to be submitted before certification :

1.Role of an optician (Certified person agreement)

For initial certification all competency should be meet.

Exams :

1. Internal Assessment :

  • Written Papers of 240 Marks

2.Final Assessment :

  • Written Paper of 50 Marks
  • Practical (Viva) Exam of 710 Marks

IIPS will send the internal / continuing assessment paper directly to the candidate, Candidate has to submit this assessment back to IIPS for marking and to complete initial assessment.

Passing Criteria :

Passing percentage: 50% (Aggregate)

Re-Exam :

If candidate fails in exam,can appear for re-exam within 30 working days from date of result or as per schedule.

Procedure of recertification for candidate:

  1. Candidate must apply for recertification within six month of validity date of his/her certificate.
  2. Candidate shall fill the online/ offline application form for recertification
  3. Following documents are to attached along with form:
    • Copy of existing certificate to be renewed
    • Self-declaration with signature declaring that one has attended at least 3 exhibitions/ seminars/training programmers related to his/her area of primary work.
    • Payment of Rs. 2500/- to be made online to IIPS account and attach proof of payment.
  4. Once all the formalities mentioned above are completed, candidate will receive date and time of skill/practical exam, where he has to demonstrate any one of his skill within the scope of certification as asked by examiner.
  5. On completing the process successfully, candidate will be recommended for recertification
  6. IIPS certification decision body will take the decision on re-certification within 30 working days from completion of exams.
  7. Candidate will receive new certificate with renewed validity date (5 years from date of issue) within 60 working days from date of exam.
  8. If candidate fails to prove his skill in exam or produce self-declaration or any extra document like proof of attendance (if applicable) of seminars/exhibition etc. IIPS reserves the right to deny the recertification or ask to apply again within 6 months from the date of denial of recertification

Re-certification :

For recertification IIPS shall consider the following….

  1. Professional development-Self Declaration about Professional development & Experience
  2. Structured interviews (At the time of application) for recertification
  3. Confirmation of continuing satisfactory work and work experience records: experience declaration as in point “1”
  4. Examination-Recertification Examination

Procedure of verification of certified person :

  1. If any interested party required the information of a certified person then he have to fill the certificate verification format or send details by mail.
  2. With the attached scan copy of certificate & Marksheet.
  3. IIPS will Verify the students details as per request.
  4. If required IIPS can send the person to verify the certificate onsite.
  5. Once verification is done IIPS will revert mail to interested party.