College of Optometry & Ophthalmic Sciences, Nashik
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College of Optometry & Ophthalmic Sciences, Nashik
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The institute is situated in a huge & pleasant campus of 4000 aq. Ft. the institute has complete educational infrastructure like labs, classrooms, workshop, OPD and library facilities.

The educational infrastructure includes
  • Geometrical & physical optics lab

The college of well equipped optics lab, the students perform various optics experiment like ray tracing, refractive index, Newton’s rings, interference etc.
The lab has Spectrometers, different light sources, spherometer, traveling microscopes, Fresnel prisms, magnifiers, mirrors etc.

  • Basic Sciences Lab

Bodily Function relies upon chemistry, thus the basic laws of biochemistry from a vital introduction. the lab is equipped with the various instruments like Microscopes, centrifuge ,colorimeter, bonesets, human biology models etc.

  • Ophthalmic Instrumentation lab

The ophthalmic instrumentation lab helps in gaining in depth knowledge about the optometric instruments. The lab helps understand the function, structure & parts along with the optics of various instruments.

The students actually learn to open the instruments, solve the basic problems, actually see & learn the functioning of the instrument & its inner parts.

  • Dispensing optics lab

The lab has all the equipment required for dispensing spectacles and visual aids like U.V. lamp for testing photo chromatic lenses, all types of screws & screw driver repairing material, spare parts, and all types of pliers, blower & lens grinding machine along with optical counter.

  • Optical counter

The college has set up a full fledged optical counter to help students understand the basic concepts of Dispensing. The counter caters all types of frames & lenses to the patients. The students learn hands on about cosmetic dispensing, facial measurements, frame measurements, lensometry, IPD measurement, fitting & repairing of the spectacles.

  • OPD

The college runs full fledged, well equipped OPD at college premises & at Saykhedkar Hospital, Nashik. The OPDs are equipped with Trial sets, Vision drum, retinoscopes, ophthalmoscopes (direct & indirect), tonometer, Slit lamp, Keratometer, Synaptophore etc. students learn OPD procedures, History taking, refraction etc.

  • Specialty clinics
  • The college has specialty sections like:
    1. Contact lens clinic
    2. Pediatric & orthoptic clinic
    3. Low vision aid clinic
  • Lens surfacing unit

The college has complete surfacing unit. The students are taught to make ophthalmic lenses according to prescription. The surfacing unit has one spherical & one cylindrical generator with all the required surfacing convex & concave tools. The students get hands on experience of lens making

  • Library & multimedia

The college has complete library facility with more than 500 titles. The best available books on Dispensing optics, Orthoptic, Diseases and other core Optometry subjects available to students.

The college also has the multimedia learning facility. The college has vast collection of CD ROMs & software used in Optometry. The college has full sets of IACLE & ICEE modules, Virtual refractor software, simulation software to learn OPD procedures, electronic books etc.