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INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PARAMEDICAL SCIENCES is founded in 1999 with objective to provide professional education that is inclusive & shall help students to be independent. The institute has started its Bachelors level course in August 2000 under the banner of College of Optometry & Ophthalmic Sciences. The course is designed on international standards in Optometry based on the courses offered in western countries like USA, UK etc.


The college has international educational collaborations with IACLE (International Association of Contact lens Educators), Australia, ICEE (International Center for Eye care Educators), Australia, WCO (World Council of Optometry), USA.

These collaboration help us to keep us at cutting edge of the developments in international arena.
The course design is industry focused and has in built flexibility to make changes in syllabus following the trends in industry. The college nurture the spirit of entrepreneurship in students through specially designed,, activity based Leadership Development Program.

The college boasts of 100% placements of its students of last 5 batches with the likes of Essilor, Bausch & Lomb, Titan Eye plus, Gangars, Zeiss, Goa Optolab etc.
The college has all the advanced teaching facilities like audio visual aids, computers etc. The college has huge library facility having more than 500 titles of Optometry & related books. The college has large number of clinical partnerships with industry & eye hospitals across India to impart cutting edge & world class education.


VisionScope :- “Provision of service for Assessment and certification of working Optician, Vision Technician, Refractionist & Optical Counter Management.”



- Develop occupational standards for Healthcare sector.

- Set of specified requirements, including requirements of the scheme to be fulfilled in order to establish or maintain certification.

- Competence and other requirement related to specific occupational of skilled categories of persons.


Working Structure of IIPS:-

  • IIPS has documented its structure, policies and procedures to manage impartiality and to ensure that the certification activities are undertaken impartiality.
  • Certification activities has been structured and managed so as to safeguard impartiality. This includes balanced involvement of interested parties.
  • IIPS is acting impartially in relation to its applicants, candidates and certified persons.
  • Policies and procedures for certification of persons has been fair among all applicants, candidates and certified persons.
  • IIPS is responsible for the impartiality of its certification activities and does not allow commercial, financial or other pressures to compromise impartiality.
  • IIPS has identified threats to its impartiality on an ongoing basis. It included threats that arise from its activities , from its related bodies, from its relationships, or from the relationships of its personnel , However, such relationships do not necessarily present a body with a threat to impartiality. 
  • IIPS has analyzed, documented and eliminated or minimized the potential conflict of interests arising from its certification activities. IIPS has documented and able to demonstrated how it eliminates, minimizes or manages such threats.

All potential sources of conflict of interest that are identified, whether they arise from within the IIPS , such as assigning responsibilities of personnel, or from the activities of other persons, bodies or organizations, has been covered 

IIPS identified and documented the associated threats to its impartiality on an ongoing basis, IIPS has a documented process to demonstrate how it eliminates or minimizes those threats; demonstrated that all processes performed by the IIPS are independent of training to ensure that confidentiality, information security and impartiality  are not compromised.  

ensures that personnel do not serve as an examiner of a specific candidate they have trained for a period of two years from the date of the conclusion of the training activities, this interval may be shortened if the IIPS demonstrates it does not compromise impartiality. 

If an examiner has a potential conflict of interest in the examination of a candidate, IIPS undertakes measures to ensure that the confidentiality and impartiality or examination are not compromised. These measures have been recorded.


Advisory Board:- 

Subhash Kothari - (Director- Legal)

Mr. Yogesh Kothari ((Academic Dean) B.Opt. M.B.A.)

Mr.KishorSagar( Director-Account Finance)             

Mr.KishorBhandary (Director )

Mrs. Medha Saykhedkar


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