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Indian institute of paramedical sciences is committed to protecting our applicant’s, candidates and certified person’s personal information by keeping it confidential. This policy explains our practices for collecting, using and disclosing personal information during certification process. we ensure that such information is properly managed by following measures.


·       Non-disclosure agreements with all personnel.

·       Information requested by sources other than applicant, candidate or certified person is not disclosed to an unauthorised party, except where the law requires such information to be disclosed.

·       Corrective action measures to be taken when security breaches occur.

·       Implementing procedure to ensure the security of examination material.

·       Preventing fraudulent examination practices by verifying identity of candidate and signing an agreement with candidate.

·       Providing examiner or invigilator during examination process.

·       Implementing procedures for preventing unauthorised aids being brought and from gaining access for the same to the candidate.

·       Monitoring examination results for indications of cheating.


Policy No: P-3

Approved by:

Date: 01/11/2018, Rev 0

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