College of Optometry & Ophthalmic Sciences, Nashik


Certification Scheme Details - Refractionist 


ü  Course Name :- Refractionist 


ü  Job Role:-  Eye Testing


ü  Required Competency:-

                                1. 12th science Pass

                                2.  Working experience in Eye Hospital


ü  Abilities Skill:-

o   Reading & Writing Skill

o   1 year Experience or Clinical Experience


ü  Pre-requisites:-

o   All Documents should be clear

o   Roll on an Optician document need to submitted

o   Course duration should be completed 


ü  Code of Conduct:-In Exam follow the rule. No miss behavior in exam hall.


ü  Abilities:- Physical capabilities such as Vision & Hearing is must


ü   For initial certification all competency should be meet.


ü  Exams:

o   Written Paper of 50 Marks

o   Practical Exam of 150 Marks


ü  Result:-Passing percentage: 50%


ü  Below Documents should be submitted :-

1.     6 passport size photographs

2.     Last Qualification Documents

3.     Aadhar Card

4.     Experience Certificate


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