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 Complaint and Appeal Handling Policy


1. Purpose

To establish the structure and assign responsibility for management of Complaints and Appeals made by candidates and certified person in order to promote the timely and fair resolution of issues.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all candidates and certified persons of IIPS, or their Authorised Representative, who wish to make a Complaint or lodge an Appeal about a matter which occurred during the certification process and which falls within the responsibility or control of the IIPS.


This policy does not apply to:

·        Complaints made by Employees or members of the public.

·        Appeals in relation to employment matters.

3. Policy Statement

We at Indian institute of paramedical sciences are committed to implement complaint handling and appeals process, we will ensure that all the appeals and complaints are processed in constructive, impartial and timely manner, it will also satisfy the following requirements:

a)  A process is in place for receiving, validating and investigating a formal complaint or appeal by creating form to decide what actions to be taken in response to it, taking into account the results of previous similar appeals and complaints.

b) The complainant or appellant is given an acknowledgement receipt,progress report and statement of the outcome, including details of the reasons for the outcome;

c) The process commences within 10 working days of the formal lodgement of the complaint or appeal and supporting information and all reasonable measures are taken to finalise the process as soon as practicable.

d) The complaint and Appeal handling procedure is publicly accessible.

4. Principles

-        IIPS will be transparent and accountable in relation to complaints and appeals by ensuring information about the procedure is widely available and by informing stakeholders about feedback received and actions taken to improve services resulting from analysis of feedback.

-        At any point a complaint may be withdrawn by the complainant.

-        IIPS will ensure appropriate training for staff involved in the complaints and appeal management process. This will be provided during staff orientation, as part of the company’s professional development strategy for its staff and at least during an annual refresher session.

-        IIPS will collect data and maintain records of complaints and appeals received and their outcomes. These will be analysed by Management as a standard agenda item at Management Review Meetings

This policy and procedure is available to all staff on in handbook, and all staff are trained in the application of the policy and procedures. This policy and procedure will also be made available to all applicants’ andcandidates on IIPS websiteand addressed during any orientation program.


Policy No :P-2

Approved by :


Date :  01/11/2018,Rev 0

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