College of Optometry & Ophthalmic Sciences, Nashik
What is Optometry?

Optometry is an independent “Eye Care Science which covers the examination of human eye, Contact Lens, Systems required for estimation of errors of refraction, the fitting, manufacturing and supply of optical aids.

Why Choose Optometry?

Quality of life, professional status, self-employment opportunities, and good monetary compensation were just a few of the reason Kiplinger`s named the profession of Optometry as One of the top 7 Great Careers.”Additional,the Job Rated Almanac (6th Edition) ranked the Optometric Profession in the upper twelth percentile of top-ranked jobs. And, there’s even more good news for the profession of Optometry.

Optometry is posed in a very favorable economic position due to the India`s aging population, projected overall population growth in the India, Optometry`s increased Participation in Vision care plans. The numerous factors have contributed to an increased demand for Optometric services. Additionally, the profession of Optometry is currently faring better than the economy as a whole.


Income & Economic Potential :

  • The profession of Optometry is faring better as a whole.

  • Huge demand for Optometrists as many multinational & retail chains are entering India.

  • Due to increased demand for education, work on computers the number of people with visual problems has doubled in last 5 years.
  • There will be an increased demand for optometric services due to age- related eye care needs (glaucoma, diabetes, cataracts, age- related macular degeneration (ARMD),etc.).


Demand for more Optometrists : Statistics

Opticians( unskilled) 25000        1 optician for every 40000 population
Qualified Optometrist 8000          1 optometrist for every 1.25 lakh population
Ophthalmic surgeons 10000       1 ophthalmologist for every 1.0 lakh population
Ophthalmic assistants 4000         1 ophthalmic assistant for every 2.5 lakh                   population
Total no. of eye care professionals 48000

I.e. 47000 eye care professionals serves population of 100 cr plus……We have one eye care professional to serve 21277 people.

  • By 2020 the projected number of Optometrists required annually will be 35,000.

  • Last year only 80-90 Optometrists graduated from the College of Optometry in India

  • In the state of Maharashtra alone, at least 15-17 Districts are without an Optometrist.

  • The huge population needs more eye care professionals.

  • Due to increased demand for education, work on computers the number of people with visual problems has doubled in last 5 years.

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